When I Want To Know About Love And Relationships

When I want to get some advice on love and relationships, there are several different types of resources I consult. Sure I talk to my friends about it all the time, but I also read a lot of stuff online in my spare time. Here are some of my favorite sites I like to read:

  1. Metropolitan Krakow’s dating and desire articles
  2. Marie Claire’s dating advice for women articles
  3. Cosmopolitan’s sex, love, and dating advice articles

Don’t forget that I also like to share my own thoughts about these subjects right here on my blog! This is just a short post updating you on this, but I have put some pages together with some tips for you ladies here.

Please stay tuned for more articles that I will be posting on my site. I will also be sharing the resources I love reading online, so if I come across any others, I’ll be happy to post them here!

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